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PB Leiner

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Who are we?

​PB Leiner supplies a complete range of high-quality gelatins and collagen peptides, tailoring solutions to customer applications. PB Leiner is one of the top three players in the world in our sector. The gelatin process includes raw material (pre)treatment, collagen extraction, and gelatin purification. The overall production processes can take up to six months for specific qualities and some fractions of the gelatin are further processed into collagen peptides for health and nutrition applications. Gelatins are used in multiple markets, including food (e.g. confectionery and dairy), pharmaceuticals (e.g. capsules) and photography (e.g. film and photography paper). In most applications, gelatins are only added in small portions to the formulation, as a functional ingredient with superior characteristics. PB Leiner produces collagen and gelatin derived from pigskin, beef hide, and bone. Raw materials are mainly sourced regionally and competition for raw materials is not limited to other gelatin manufacturers, but also comprises other end-uses such as direct use as human food, pet food, and leather manufacturing. Fluctuations in the supply and demand of raw materials have an important impact on gelatin prices and availability. Securing sufficient raw material volumes is key to the business.

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