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Who are we?

Moleko is one of the leading producers of sulfur-based specialty chemistries for a wide range of vital markets. Moleko is driven to be a sustainable partner of choice by co-creation of value through essential chemistry and solution offerings. The Moleko product portfolio is coupled with deep technical institutional knowledge that is tailored to delivering improvements in health, safety, handling, and environmental profiles while increasing efficiencies and effectiveness in recovering base/precious metals, food processing, water and waste treatment, as well as various other industrial applications. M&I enhances our customers’ applications through innovative chemistry and solutions. Our principal products are Thio-Gold® (thiosulfate-based lixiviants) and Cyntrol® (sulfites/sulfides for cyanide (CN) detoxification and control). The Moleko team is committed to providing unique solutions and service to our customers so they can obtain maximum value from their existing operations and explore new potential applications. Moleko utilizes two innovation centers where a customer-centric approach guides all development aspects. ​

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