Produits Chimiques de Loos increases production capacity of water treatment coagulants

Produits Chimiques de Loos announced today that it will expand its existing production capacity for iron-based coagulants by 25% at its site in Loos (France). The plant in Loos is being used by Tessenderlo Group’s Performance Chemicals business unit, which supplies municipalities and industry with coagulants and other chemicals for the treatment of wastewater or the purification of drinking water. Customers of the Performance Chemicals business unit include major metropolitan areas such as Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Geneva, as well as renowned industrial players.

“We will raise the production capacity of our Ecoferric™ product line in order to meet increasing demand in Western Europe for coagulants for wastewater treatment and for drinking water production. By doing so, we will strengthen our position as one of Europe’s leading coagulant manufacturers with our site in Loos being the largest European production plant for ferric chloride,” explained Stéphane Leclef, BU Director Performance Chemicals.

The plan includes various projects that will be executed over 3 years with a focus on capacity expansions and modernization at the site in France, as well as on streamlining the diverse raw material sources used to produce the water treatment coagulants. Additional capacity will already be available in 2019. These investments represent a next step following the modernization and expansion of the new membrane electrolysis production facility at the site of PC Loos, providing state-of-the-art technology for the production of chlorine, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and potassium hydroxide (KOH).

Business Unit Performance Chemicals
In addition to coagulants and other chemicals for either the treatment of wastewater or the purification of drinking water, the business unit also produces industrial chemicals that are used by a broad spectrum of industries such as chemicals, oil and refinery, steel, de-icing and fertilizers. For example, the sodium sulfide and sodium hydrogen sulfide are used in the tanning and mining industry and as precipitating agents for metals in waste treatment. Other chemicals include bleach, acids, sodium and potassium hydroxide for disinfection and household cleaning, as well as iron salts, which are used as a key ingredient in drugs both for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and specific veterinary applications. Performance Chemicals has four production sites - in Loos (France), Tessenderlo and Ham (Belgium) and Rekingen (Switzerland).

About Tessenderlo Group
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